Traces of Paradise

On Earth there is a trace of paradise in every country. The culture, people, land and food are defining factors with each and every nation offering some trace of paradise

The Journey begins


And so we begin with our journey around the globe.

The Earth - blue and lonely,  a dot in the black sky of the universe.

Panoramic Recordings will be bringing us closer on our trip, and we shall see the trace of paradise is always there.

Every nation on earth holds a trace of paradise.

On this earth, within all country’s borders are places, people, culture, food & nature that exhibit a trace of paradise.

What is paradise to you? What is paradise to others? I start my journey through the nations and explore the traces of paradise within each.

At just over 40,000km round it is a long journey that will take time, but let’s add to this distance by exploring them in alphabetic order and hope that none of the early countries change name by the time we get to Z !

I hope you have fun & learn interesting facts along the way as you join me for a exploration of the parts of the globe I consider to be traces of paradise.